Read In Week 2009

Today was my 2nd annual visit to my old elementary school to read to the kids for Read In Week, 2009.
Same as last year, I realized I miss hanging out with kids, but I really don't miss teaching. I also realized my old grade one teacher is back at the school. I went to say hi (like 23 years later) and she actually remembered me (apparently my eyes are the same). Another teacher who was there at the time I was in school, but who didn't teach me, remembered my last name, but then thought I was my sister. The librarian from back-in-the-day is still there, though she's no longer the librarian, but a full time teacher. She remembers me, as I do tend to drop in yearly anyways. And the secretary hasn't aged a day since the 80s.
Ahh, good times.
Read In Week is on until Friday, so get off the computer and go read to some kids!
Oh, you totally need to purchase a copy of 'Once Upon A Cool Motorcycle Dude' for all the kids you know for Christmas. It's a gooder!!