Music Monday: The Wooden Sky + Elliot Brood = Another Gooder

Another week, another concert for me! Gosh I'm loving the streak of shows, but alas, this will (likely) be the last one for a month. It was a darn gooder though!!
On Saturday night, friends and I went to the Starlite Room for a great Canadian alt-country/folksy/rockin' dance-worthy hand-clapping good time.
First, I'd never been to the Starlite Room, or so I thought. After walking down the narrow alley to the entrance though, I was reminded of a time, back-in-the-day-a-decade-ago, when it was called Lush or The Rev or something. Deja vu. Anyways, the Starlite Room is a 'members only' club which requires you to purchase a 'membership' for $5, which is good for you and a guest for a year. Annoying, right? Well, radio-station-woman (Remember her? She actually got in free as my guest, as she happened to be in front of me in line, with an expired membership.) explained they have this policy because they broke a noise violation or something, and then had to get re-licensed. So I guess they can be as noisy as they want now that it's not technically open to the public. Legally, the minimum membership charge is $1, so I guess it's a cash grab too. Interesting though. Radio-station-woman also said it was a crappy venue that was too loud and had an awkward slope to the stage thus it was only worth frequenting if you really liked the band on stage. Was this true? Not so much, but I wasn't on the dance floor, so can't comment on the slope.
Anyways, the night got off to a slow start; thankfully there were old and new friends to talk to as we waited for the bands to start. And waited. And waited.
It was well worth the wait though.
First up was The Wooden Sky. They only just breached my radar, thus not realizing they were at folk fest this summer doesn't actually bother me. I'd heard some of their stuff prior to the show, so was really looking forward to them. And their set was really, really good. I really like these guys, and will most likely acquire their CD in the near future.
Next up: Elliot Brood. I made friends with another lovely couple with great taste in music who taught me that Elliot Brood is not actually the lead singer. None of the guys in the band are named Elliot. Who knew? I had heard a few of their songs, but wasn't completely sold on their sound. I called them 'screamy'. The band has described themselves as 'death country'. My new friends described them as 'thrash banjo'.
And they were exactly spot-on with that description.
Seriously, those guys can put on a show! I don't know how they manage to keep their voices, as they do have a really raspy/screamy sound. And a banjo. And a guy who plays bass with his feet (no kidding, he uses pedals or something). And they play wicked guitars. And even though I couldn't understand a word they said, it was still really awesome.
It was already such a great concert. And then the drummer got up, produced a huge sac from somewhere, and emptied dollar store cookies sheets onto the crowd. One of the guys started throwing out wooden spoons. And then they played on. I'd heard they did this, but it was like nothing I'd ever seen, people banging their crazy hearts out on these metal baking trays, and we continued to dance like idiots.
And then the guys from The Wooden Sky joined in.
Seriously fantastic fun. I don't think I would buy an Elliot Brood CD, but I bought 'Oh Alberta' off itunes (any song that mentions my homeland is endearing), and I would most certainly see them live again. Next time I want to be in the front row though. I fancy snagging myself a cookie sheet...
I am currently in love with banjos. Oh how the mighty fiddles have fallen...
It was a gooder of a night!
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Thanks for putting up with my blurry venue photos and grainy live videos nicked from youtube!