Music Monday: Luke Doucet & My Crush On White Falcon

I've written about my love for Luke Doucet before, so I wont bore you with gushing praise about how awesome his music.

The post isn't about how much I love Luke Doucet. This post is about how much I love his guitar.

Is it wrong to have a crush on a guitar?

It's called 'White Falcon' and I love it, how it looks, how it sounds, how he plays it - love it. It even has a Corb Lund sticker on the back. Priceless.

I recently came across some insider information. Listen as he talks about White Falcon:

Now listen as he plays it masterfully:

Now that's a guitar!!

It's a Gretsch White Falcon. Other Gretsch guitarists include Bono and The Edge, Dave Grohl, David Crosby, George Harrison, Chris Isaak, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Django Reinhardt, Slash and Elvis Presley!

More videos from the Mod Club concert are available here.

You can find Luke Doucet at:

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  1. Luke Doucet gives guitar lessons...


    He uses fake fingernails! Those videos are fascinating! Quick, go watch them, even if you don't play guitar...


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