Is The Flag At Half-Mast? Why?

This post about why American flags are flown at half-mast (or half-staff) by Swiss Army Librarian was super interesting, so I though I ought to find some similar information from a Canadian perspective.
  • Rules for the Half-Masting of the National Flag of Canada - Super interesting! This page lists who's death warrants half-masting the flag, what happens to the national flag if a provincial flag is half-masted, what annual days are half-masted (April 28, Workers' Mourning Day; Last Sunday in September, Police and Peace Officers' National Memorial Day; November 11, Remembrance Day; December 6, National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women; also on the Peace Tower only on April 9, Vimy Ridge Day; and for the duration of the annual Memorial Service on Parliament Hill to remember deceased Parliamentarians) and that the flag is half-masted upon the death of a member of the Canadian Forces who is deployed on operations to a special duty area (which was controversial a few years ago).
  • Half-Masting of the Flag - This official pages lists why the flag was flown at half mast (2007-current), with no RSS feed though.
  • Wikipedia: Half-Staff: Canada - This is a nice summary, and also includes information for other countries.
  • Rules for Flying the Flag - Very interesting, and includes grainy black and white pictures!
  • The National Flag of Canada - All you'd ever want to know about the national flag.
  • Canadian Flag Etiquette - Tons of info about everything you ever wanted to know about the flag and flying it.
Provincial (Alberta):
And yeah, just call the building if you're not sure why a flag is flying at half-mast, sometimes I forget people still use those things called telephones...