Curling Stats For The Start Of The Season

Yay! Curling season has started!
Well, the pros have been at it for a couple weeks, and I did practice last week, but today is our first game, thus the season has officially begun in all capacities.
It's going to be a good year. I didn't completely suck at practice last week. The Roar of the Rings is two months away. Competitions have been tight, and there have been surprise wins on the pro circuit. It'll be a gooder!
I thought I'd start the season with a few stats about Canadian curlers, via the Canadian Curling Association...
Canadian Curlers: “Middle Class Prairie Dwellers”
- 58% Male; 3.33% of all Canadian men curled.
- 42% Female; 2.33% of all Canadian females curled.
The majority (37%) of Canadian curlers were between the ages of 35-49; 3.55% of all people in this age group curled. This was followed closely by the 50-64 age group (22%).
Ethnicity and Language
- The majority (91.12%) of Canadian Curlers spoke English conversationally.
- The majority (87.28%) of Canadian curlers indicated their ethnicity as white.
Geographic Location
- The majority of Canadian curlers (10.43%) lived in prairie small towns communities; 10.43% of all people that live in these communities curled. In fact, people who live in these communities were 480 times more likely to curl than anyone else in the Canadian population*.
- 93% of Canadian curlers had earned at least a high school diploma and 27% had earned a Bachelors degree or post bachelors degree.
Employment Status
- The majority of Canadian curlers (67%) were employed full-time.
Marital Status
- Most Canadian curlers (69%) were married or living with a partner.
Curlers are also more likely to
  • golf
  • garden
  • volunteer
  • write angry letters to government
  • exercise
  • fish
  • bowl
  • jog
  • downhill ski
  • cross country ski
  • boat/canoe/sail
  • camp
  • play baseball/volleyball
  • travel
than anyone else in the Canadian population.
Hmm. Yes, I concur. Curlers are definitely a certain sort of people, and they're my kind of people!
Full statistics are available from the Canadian Curling Association (2008).