Another Scrooge??

I just saw a trailer for A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. It's in animated digital 3D or whatever. It's out November 6, and looks creepy.
Does the world need another Christmas Carol movie?
The world only needs one Christmas Carol movie...
I have two Christmas traditions, and one involves watching the above movie because it is most definitely the best Christmas movie ever. Ever. Want to borrow the soundtrack?
And yes, it is way to early for Christmas posts. I'm sorry. I'm not sure what just came over me. Afterall, I am everyone's favourite holiday scrooge...


  1. I KNEW that would be the Christmas Carol you meant. It just had to be.It is seriously one of the funniest movies ever and totally a Christmas tradition in my house, too.

  2. I love it! I think I know all the words...

  3. I saw the trailer for this when Kellie and I went to see Surrogates, and it looks way too scary for kids. I'd never take my kid to see it--well, unless my kid was at least maybe 12. Assuming I had a kid, of course.


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