Today's #yeg News: Hot LRT Plans

Twitter just told me some interesting Edmonton news:
  • @joshclassen just reported we hit a new hot temperature record. At 3pm it was 31.7 degrees, which blasts the old record of 31.1 degrees set in 1938. It is far too hot for September, or anytime for that matter. There's a reason I live so far north, the reason being I like to wear socks and sweaters. (UPDATE: it was 32.8 degrees at 6pm - hotest day of the year!)
  • @mastermaq has been tweeting the media briefing for the proposed future of the LRT (Light Rail Transportation). The plan looks great. This city certainly needs more public transportation train routes. The proposed plan has trains heading south to Ellerslie and Millwood, West, East to Sherwood Park, plus north to St. Albert. How will it all be paid for I wonder? I hope it happens before I die. Check it out here and here.