Music Monday: The Swifty's + Musical Reflections From A Grumpy Old Woman

On Wednesday night, I went to a gig at the Empress Ale House - rather a spur of the moment outing - but I couldn't resist a free concert by The Swifty's!
Mark Davis from Old Reliable joined in on the second set, and Corb Lund was in the audience too.
It was a good night: The Swifty's were great, I verified Old Reliable are coming out of retirement, and saw Corb Lund in real life. Corb Lund has a new CD coming out the end of the month, and a bunch of concert dates this fall. He's not coming to Edmonton though (weird), and is offering a limited edition CD/DVD with a concert ticket, so it looks like I'm going to Red Deer instead.
Wednesday night was a weird outing though, in that I realized a few things about 'music'.
First, I am an uncool fangirl. Corb Lund walked right by me and I was all like "Wow, there's Corb Lund, that's so awesome, I love Corb Lund, and he walked by me, how cool is that, look, he's over there." This woman we were with works at one of the local indie radio stations and she retorted "I always see him here." which made me feel like a total loser. I love music, and get super excited when I see the musicians in settings that don't involve a stage. Jim Cuddy once walked right by me at folk fest and I talked about it for days (years...). I never talk to musicians in real life though (what would I say?). I just prefer to admire from afar.
Second, I know nothing about music or the local scene, nor do I know anyone important. Radio-station-woman goes to two gigs a week. Radio-station-woman has heard the new Old Reliable stuff before anyone else. Radio-station-woman knows The Swifty's drummer. Ok, so I don't work at a radio station, but it was like everyone at the bar knew everyone else and they'd seen all the great shows (I knew nothing about). Stuff that I thought was new and exciting was old news to them.
Third, I am (almost) too much of a grumpy old woman to go to bar gigs. Midnight rolled around and my friend and I were tired and complaining about getting up for work the next day, when Radio-station-woman proclaimed we were in a 'musician's bar' and that all of the rest of the revelers didn't have real jobs, and thought nothing of staying out till 2am on a weeknight. Bar gigs are great because you can get really close to the band, they are cheap, involve dancing and are a great way to support new and local acts, but they never start on time, end late, and involve standing for hours and hours. Plus they are hard to go to solo. I think I've reached a point in my life where I prefer more expensive shows that start at a predetermined time, involve sitting in a chair, and end before I turn into a pumpkin at midnight. That's not to say bar gigs and auditorium gigs differ in music quality though - a stellar band is a stellar band, regardless of the venue. And the best venue is still sitting on a hill at folk fest.
Good gig, but weird night.
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