Stress Sucks!

Today I stressed about my car all day. I had to park at a big box strip mall parking lot two blocks away from the train station because its parking lot, the snow route streets and the neighbourhood were full. So all day I stressed about getting tagged and towed. When I finally got back to the train station after school/work late this evening, I stressed about getting tagged and towed and mugged on my way to my car. Thankfully it was there, but as it's not worth the stress, I will probably have to park a further two blocks away at the Walmart (they don't tow, right?). And then I will only have to stress about walking four blocks through not the best neighbourhood at night.
The whole situation is unreasonable. I want to support public transit. I can't afford to pay for parking at the university. But it doesn't make any sense for me to drive 20 mins, walk 20 mins (in the dodgy area, often at night), and then take the train for 25 mins to get to school. It take 30mins to drive to the university. Even if I park far away in the neighbourhood and walk 15 mins to school, I still would beat the train.
So add to this stress the stress of four jobs, classes, and looming assignments. Plus I insist on filling my calendar with fun things like concerts and hockey games and curling and hanging out with friends, but then I stress even more because I don't have time to write stupid grad school papers.
And the thing is, I know better. I know how stress negatively affects my body and health. This makes me more stressed because I don't want to have a repeat of what happened during the "London Years" because I'm not sure I'd be able to handle that again.
Double bah!!!!
Oh, and Dr. Oz says chronic stress contributes to belly fat. So my spare tire is not my fault. It's the systems fault.
I can't wait to be unemployed after grad school, then I'll only have to stress about finding a job...


  1. It seems that there are a number of us stressed, and early in the year. This may not bode well for the rest of the semester. Take care of yourself. I think you said you gave this advice to your newbies, but: grad school is not worth ruining your health over. I may never have worked as a nurse, but I still know a few things about health issues--health is important and you don't want to loose it.


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