A Mythbusters Top 5

It's no secret one of my favourite things is Mythbusters.
Here's a compilation of some great Mythbusters links that I took a look at recently:
  1. Mythbusters: Just the Facts - Listen in as Adam and Jamie give an interview. This is a great behind the scenes look at Mythbusters. Did you know they're both married, and Adam has 10yr old twin boys (who apparently take after their father)? (1hr 8mins)
  2. Mythbusters Adam Savage's Colossial Failures - Another great interview with Adam. He talks a lot about failure, but also about a lot of great Mythbuster stuff. (59mins)
  3. Mythbusters: Comic Con 2009 - Listen and watch the video of this year's Comic Con session with Jamie, Adam, Grant and Tory. (45mins)
  4. A Talk With Adam Savage - Yet another interview where Adam talks about the show's beginning, it's effect on kids and skepticism. (8mins)
  5. The 10 Coolest Things We Saw At The Mythbusters Studio - Actual photographs of behind the scenes.
+1 - Adam Savage talks about his obsessions (mostly about dodo skeletons and the Maltese Falcon, 17mins)
There's also tons of videos on youtube (Warning: watching Mythbusters on youtube is a time sucking vortex that will prevent you from doing your homework).
The new season of Mythbusters will be on Discovery in October. I can't wait!