Music Monday: Dancing The Twangy Night Away With Deep Dark Woods

Saturday night was a good night!
I went to the Bonnie Doon Hall to see what was being called "The Roots and Blues Roadshow" (you shoulda seen the tickets, coolest tickets ever - they were playing cards!). Though I'd driven by the building, I never knew Bonnie Doon Hall existed as a concert venue, but it was a good one. The raised stage was at the top of a long rectangle, and much to my surprise there were tables flanking both sides (I was expecting a bar gig kinda thing). After meeting up with my friends, we sat ourselves down at a table with a lovely older couple and a few other people it turns out my friend knew (small world). You have no idea how welcome a table and chair was after a long day at school! Anyways, one of the highlights of the night was making friends with the lovely older couple - I'm sure I'll see them again at a gig soon as they have fantastic taste in music!
First up was a quiet set from David Ross Macdonald, formerly of Australia, formerly of The Waifs. My tablemates informed us he married a fan he met the the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, and now lives here (so there's hope for me yet at next year's EFMF!). I enjoyed his set, it was quite mellow, just guy and guitar, and he sure can play that guitar! I would definitely catch a set of his if he ever showed up on the EFMF schedule.
(And that is what happens when you're not allowed a flash in a dark venue. Bother.)
Next was a set from Little Miss Higgins and Foy Taylor. My tablemates couldn't stop singing her praises, but Little Miss Higgins is not quite my thing. I enjoyed her set, and would see her live again but wouldn't buy a CD. She's a bit too bluesy for me. Her lyrics are definitely interesting and lively though, and the duo can also play those guitars!
Finally came the highlight of the night, The Deep Dark Woods. I first saw them in April, and fell in love with their broody, guitar-driven twang. And the guys did not disappoint. I owed one of my friends for being dull last time we saw them, so I was up there, front row centre, dancing in front of the stage with the rest of the crazy dancers. Dancing, you say? How can you dance to brooding, guitar-driven twang? Well good grief, we're not in high school any more so you can dance however you like! Music like this inspires a lot of swaying, and foot stomping, and twirling, and general frivolity that leads to lots of singing and smiling.
Good times.
Then, The Deep Dark Woods and Little Miss Higgins did a set together. I only stayed for a couple songs, but the two groups really meshed well together. The silliest part of the night was Little Miss Higgins singing "Bargan Bin Panties" with all the boys on backup. Too funny.
It was a great show, and I really enjoyed myself. I loved dancing to The Deep Dark Woods like a lunatic, and I enjoyed meeting the lovely older couple (lovely older couples were a rarity amongst the hipsters). Hopefully The Deep Dark Woods come back again soon, I have no doubt they'll be able to sell out a bigger venue at some point in the future.
Below is the (goofy) video for my favourite Deep Dark Woods song, as well as another gooder. If you enjoy the videos, check out some of the links below.
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