Mac's Snow Leopard: Yay or Nay?

Two weeks ago I managed to track down a copy of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the latest operating system upgrade for my beloved macbook. It's supposed to be faster, easier, more advanced, blah blah blah, but it was only $35 so I caved and bought it.
First, a friend recommended I backup my hard drive onto an external hard drive using Time Machine, Mac's built in backup application. The last time I tried to use Time Machine to back up to an external hard drive the backup failed and my external hard drive got fried. I had to stand in four different lines and talk to four different people at BestBuy in order to get it replaced. Thus I was terrified of trying Time Machine again, but it worked and my external hard drive is just fine.
One hurdle jumped - next: install Snow Leopard. Actually, it was super easy. I just followed the instructions. Nothing exploded. Yippee skippee.
So, how do I like my new and improved macbook?
Overall, I can barely tell the difference, but most of the differences I have noticed have been positive:
  1. It 'seems' to have 'solved' my Safari-crashing nightmare. Safari (my preferred web browser) was crashing like a dozen times a day and it was beyond annoying (and no, I did not just switch to Firefox because I just don't like it for some reason). Since installing Snow Leopard, Safari has only crashed once, a week after installation, and because I opened 20+ tabs at the same time. Oops, my bad. I am overjoyed that Safari doesn't crash regularily. This improvement alone was worth the $35.
  2. I like the new hot corners expose thing. When I want to display all the windows/programs open, all I have to do is mouse over my hot corner and all the windows shrink and appear. This happened in the old system, but now they are displayed in an organized fashion, and my OCD nature likes this better.
  3. It loads pretty fast. I'm not sure if it's much faster than before, but it's fast.
  4. It saved me space on my hard drive. Yay.
So far I've only notice a few annoying bad things since installing Snow Leopard:
  • Safari wont save my log in information for Facebook and Twitter, so I have to log in every time. Before, I used to stay logged in until I actually logged out, regardless of whether I closed the browser of turned off my laptop. I'm just lazy and don't want to type in the same log in all the time.
  • Sometimes weird frames appear around windows, or the top tool bar doesn't appear on startup, but does after I open a program. This bothers me less than Safari always crashing, so I'm willing to put up with it.
  • The worst thing is that I can't watch any of the videos from This is very annoying and makes me sad because the curling season has just started and they are updating their news videos almost every day. Plus it's hard to take advantage of my Free Friday membership if I can't watch the videos. Because I am a grumpy old woman, I've already emailed them about the problem and they've assure me they know about it and are working on it. UPDATE: I just went to the site to get the link for the hyperlink and it looks like it's fixed!!! Yay!! Once again, the CurlTV guys come through for the fans.
In conclusion, I like Snow Leopard, and know it was worth the $35. If you haven't already upgraded, I highly recommend heading west to the Apple Store or WestWorld and picking up a copy!