Have You Ever Called 911?

Last night, I called the emergency number for the fourth time. When I lived in England, I called 999 (the UKs emergency number) twice, and since returning to Canada I've called 911 twice.
Here's a list of all the times I've called 999/911:
  1. London: 2006 or 2007? There was a domestic disturbance in our apartment complex one night, at like 3am. We dialed 999 for over an hour and didn't ever get through.
  2. London: 2006 or 2007? I was walking to school at 7:30am, and had just crossed the road. About 30 seconds later I heard a crash behind me, and turned to find a car accident on the corner I had just crossed from. I called 999, as did a lot of other people, but since I didn't actually see the accidents, and there were already responders on the scene, the operator told me to continue to work.
  3. Edmonton: summer of 2009: My mom was sick, so I called an ambulance at 2am. I also turned down an ambulance ride - my dad went instead. Don't worry though, my mom is fine now.
  4. Edmonton: last night 2009: I was waiting to turn left at a set of traffic lights and witnessed a hit and run fender bender. What a coward! I called 911, and was on hold for about two minutes before getting through, but since I never got the coward's license plate, I doubt I will be much help. I was the first caller, and fire and police were dispatched shortly after. The other driver was fine, the back of his car though, not so much.
It weird that all of this has happened in the past few years. Read about Canada's 911 system and it's problems here, and about what they are doing to upgrade the system for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Check out this page for the history or emergency numbers, and for charts displaying other countries emergency numbers.