Guitar Hero/Rockband Discoveries

It's no secret I'm a big Guitar Hero fan. Recently, the Beatles edition of Rockband was released. I'm not a huge Beatles fan, though it would be fun to try out. But can I play the Beatles Rockband with my wii Guitar Hero guitars? After a bit of research, I've finally found a good instrument capability chart. Can you use Guitar Hero instruments with Rockband and vice versa? Check here for all the info.
Guitar Hero 5 is also out, and it looks decent so that would be fun to try too. I'd also like to buy a microphone. You can buy the mics from the Guitar Hero store for $20 (US), but I would rather find one in a store somewhere near. Looks like I need to go to the mall again! I've also heard knock-off mics work, but am not certain about that.
While looking at the Guitar Hero store, I came across some items up fro pre-order:
  • DJ Hero - out the end of October, this comes with a turntable thingy. Nope, not interested.
  • Band Hero - out in November, I think this differs from Guitar Hero only slightly. It seems to be more pop song and family oriented. Nope, not interested either.
  • Also out soon, Guitar Hero Van Halen. I'd try it, but not buy it.
What I'm really waiting for is a good version of Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii. Yeah, there are games out there, but mostly the music sucks or they are from 2005. I will fork out three figures for a dance mat with good music. Rumour has it Dance Hero might be coming soon?? I'd buy it. I also wish they'd come out with Canadian Guitar Hero. How about Tragically Hip Hero? Blue Rodeo Hero? Maybe one day...