Music Monday: An Evening With The Tragically Hip

Last week I went to what might just be the best concert I've seen in 2009 - The Tragically Hip were in town!
They played four shows at the Jubilee, and while they didn't play some of my favourite songs, they did play plenty of others I love too!
The best part about seeing The Tragically Hip live is watching Gord Downie. He dances, prances, rants and raves all around the stage. A lot. It makes me smile. A lot. At one point he tripped over a speaker, but didn't miss a word and did the rest of the verse flat on his back! The people in the front row sure got a show too, he totally interacted with them, talking to them, throwing towels at them, stealing cellphones, getting them to sing back up, even allowing one lucky fan to strum his guitar!! He also went into the crowd a bunch of times. It was some show, that's for sure.
Here is some footage of his antics from the current tour to keep you entertained. The last one is from the concert I went to, filmed by a lucky lucky lucky person right in the front row. So if you ever get a chance to see The Hip live, go! I guarantee it will be one of the best concerts you'll ever see!
You can find The Tragically Hip at:
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