Cyclist (Me) Hit By A Truck

Two nights ago I witnessed a hit and run car accident.
Last night I got hit by a truck while riding my bike.
Don't panic! We are both ok! My shoulder, wrist and neck hurt a bit, and my handlebars got twisted but they are fixed now and I'm sure my shoulder will feel better before curling starts (fingers crossed).
What happened?
I was out for my regular bike ride, which is 14km of bike trails, and quiet residential roads - absolutely nothing dangerous about that. I was riding on a bike path, coming up to an intersection with a traffic light. The light was green and the walk sign was on. There was a truck stopped at the light. He did not have a signal light on, thus I assumed he was waiting for the light to turn because he was stopped at the stop line, not in the crosswalk or anything. I slowed down and checked for cars turning left, looked at the stopped truck again, made sure the walk light was still on, and proceeded to ride across the road.
And then the idiot in the truck decided to turn right. Thankfully he had only just began to move when he hit me, so he wasn't going very fast at all. My bike tipped sideways and I did this most ungraceful split thing, but didn't completely fall over on my bike. I'm not even sure where he hit me. Anyways, I picked myself and my bike up and he was like "Did I hit you?" to which I responded "Yes!" The light had since turned so I walked across the crosswalk and he drove away. I happened so fast, I should've said something to him about not signalling or gotten his license plate, but I didn't, I just walked across the road, in shock.
Two cars had stopped to ask if I was ok, as did a man and his kid who where walking nearby (thus restoring my faith in Edmontonians). My shoulder hurt a little and I immediately noticed my handle bars were a bit screwed up, but I was ok so I said so and life returned to normal for everyone. I walked a bit down the path, and then rode the rest of the way home, which was a bit difficult because of my handlebars, but not too much of a problem. My dad helped me fix my handlebars, but shhh! Don't tell my parents I got hit or they'll take away my bike and prohibit me from riding. They already think cycling in the city is dangerous.
I don't think any of it was my fault. Maybe I should have dismounted to cross the road, but I don't usually, nor do most cyclists I've seen. I checked and double checked for cars. I'm pretty sure it was his fault for not signalling or indicating his intention to turn, and for not looking while doing so.
My shoulder hurts a little, my neck and wrist a bit and I've got some bruises on my legs too, but I'm sure it'll be fine in a couple of days. And it's not really that bad at all because he was going really slow and I didn't really get hit that hard. It could've been bad though, really bad. It's been a bad summer for local cyclists.
But, this wont stop me from riding my bike in the city.
I hope the truck's front bumper is all scratched up. Idiot redneck truck driver. USE YOUR SIGNAL LIGHT WHEN YOU DRIVE!!!!


  1. I'm glad you're okay! I've been biking on city streets for at least six years and have only had two, somewhat minor-ish scraps. I got knicked once on the elbow (I didn't even realized it, it was just the sound that tipped me off to having been hit at all) in Toronto and I almost colided into a car in Waterloo when the driver pulled in front of me and randomly decided to slow down. My bike got pretty badly mangled in the second incident. Anyway, I'm glad you don't plan to stop biking in the city--we still haven't gone for a ride in the river valley!

  2. I'm sure I'll be quite nervous next time I ride, but it really wasn't too big a deal, so I'll keep at it.


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