A Beautiful Library + A Lovely Accent

Oh, check out Neil Gaiman's library. I'm not even a big fan of his writing, but his library has totally increased his cool cred in my books!
One day maybe I'll have a library like that. One can dream, right? There are more photos here. Thanks to The Park Bench for the link.
Also, thanks to The Curling News for this link to an interview with Scotland's David Murdoch. He's a world champion curler, and also has a lovely accent (thus that's 4 minutes well spent).
It was a good day for link!


  1. That *is* a beautiful library. I'll take one, please. I've enjoyed the Gaiman I've read so far--but I've only read his youth/children books. Have you read the Graveyard Book? Definitely worth a look.

  2. I've read Coraline (creepy) and Good Omens (although that's co-written by Terry Pratchett, which explains why I really enjoyed it!). I'll have to check out the Graceyard Book though!


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