Twitter Thoughts After One Month...

Well, I've been on Twitter for one month. Perhaps it's time to tell you how it's going.
First of all, I like my new community on Twitter. I feel can be more myself and more personal because I am not overly concerned about what they think about me (as opposed to Facebook for some reason). I like meeting new 'people', especially local users. It's like Facebook when it was new, there's always new friends to make! I feel no pressure to add/delete certain people, I can selfishly follow/unfollow whomever I want. It's also a good ego boost when people view my blog link, retweet my content, reply to me or read what I've written. Like I said, these are new people, and it's a funny kind of friendship, but a friendship nonetheless. I love the Edmonton tweeps!
I especially like the news function, trends, and how quick it all happens. Following @edmontonjournal, #yeg storm and #adamincognito was interesting, and I often learn about stuff that happens before the local media picks it up for tv or newspaper content. The news junkie side of me loves this part.
I've found that Tweetdeck has been a helpful way to organize what I follow. It also shows Facebook updates, which is helpful because it means I spend less time on Facebook, and that's a good thing!
I don't like all the spammers, and there is a bit of a learning curve to learn the vocabulary, but other than that it's been fun. I'm learning to listen and I'm learning to discuss using 140 characters.
So all in all, I think I might stick with Twitter for a bit.
More important though, Twitter will never replace this blog. I love this blog. Full stop.