Pre-Sale CD...

...or the one where I get ahead of a good thing.
Recently, my favourite used CD store on Whyte Ave, Southside Sound, shut down. I liked it because it was cheap and unpretentious and my favourite section was called 'Folk & Twang' or something like that (come on, it's a cool title). Nevermind though, it's gone (something about people downloading music illegally or giving all their business to iTunes??).
So my new favourite used CD store on Whyte Ave is called Blackbyrd Myoozik. It's a bit more pretentious and cool. Whenever I go in, the employees are always more interested in talking to the cool bohemian hipster flipping through the vinyl than ringing up my order. I suppose I am rather unfashionable and uncool, so why would they bother to say 'thank you' after I just paid their wage. Nevermind though, it's cheap(ish) and they have a big(ish) folk/country section.
I was there buying a bunch of gig tickets on Tuesday, and couldn't resist picking up a couple alt-country CDs. I've already listened to them, and have decided they were worth the cash.
Imagine my surprise then when I found out today that one of the albums doesn't come out until Tuesday. Curiouser and curiouser!
I'll leave you with an interesting quote from my pre-sale CD musician, Amelia Curran:
"What is frustrating is that ‘singer-songwriter’ has become a genre. That is pretty irritating because singer-songwriter as a task or a trade should be able to sound like anything, but in the market it is ‘girl or guy with guitar, or piano’, mostly ballads and a couple funky numbers, and that is ‘singer-songwriter’. I fit in there too and that’s fine, but it’s frustrating that the trade has become a genre."