Music Monday: September Gigs Galore!

September seems to be a popular month for fantastic gigs in Edmonton*. If you're local, check out some of these awesome musicians, and if you're from away, check out their sites for locations near you! All the bands have myspace pages with audio samples if you're unfamiliar with any of the names (Google is your friend).
September Gigs Galore:
I'm going to see The Hip and The Deep Dark Woods, and would love to see Mike Plume and Amelia Curran, but alas I have to work those nights. And I'm not made of money, but that would be nice too. If you want to come see The Deep Dark Woods, let me know and I'll give you the ticket 411 (very cool tickets by the way!).
*Gig list is not exhaustive, and only reflects artists I might like/know of. Please feel free to comment on other suggestions.