Messed Up Priorities

Lately, the news has informed me that 'we' (and when I say 'we', I mean Edmonton, Alberta, and the government in general, and since 'we' - not me mind you- voted for our Conservative government, then I believe 'we' applies rather nicely) have rather screwed up priorities.
Follow along...
  • The Alberta Health Services President is going to get a $144,000 bonus (on top of his $575,000 salary) once the health care system is fixed (ie. once 3000+ jobs are cut??).
  • Some rich guy is going to spend $1 billion+ (of taxpayers money??) to build a new downtown hockey arena.
I like hockey just as much as the next Canadian, but I like health care and education more. Maybe Daryl Katz should partner with that guy who runs our province and work out a deal. Maybe instead of causing parking chaos downtown with my tax dollars, some rich guy could give some money to some local children who can't afford school supplies or some seniors lodges who can't afford to give out H1N1 shots? Maybe that guy who is supposed to run our province could try, just a little bit, to not send our province down the crapper like King Ralph did.
It just doesn't seem fair.


  1. I would gladly pay more tax if it meant the cuts to health care and education wouldn't happen. But then, I also grew up in a province that charged 8% PST. I wondering if they think all the elderly and sick are just going to take care of themselves?...maybe they should just pack them all on an giant chunk of ice in the Arctic and let them fend for themselves, as Rick Mercer once suggested...

  2. Health Care is going to be a mess once the baby boomers get real old. We're screwed.


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