Good (Curling) News

I just learned a few curling/olympic/tv gems of goodness from this article (via @curlingzone).
  • CBC wont be televising the Olympics in 2010, instead, CTV will. This probably happened long ago but I never knew, of forgot, or haven't watched an Olympics in Canada since 2002. Screw tradition, it's all about money I guess. CTV better air the Olympics 24/7 like CBC used to, or I shall have to write a grumpy-old-woman letter to the appropriate authority. Brian Williams will still be a host, so I bet it'll be all good. And better than the poor coverage I had to watch in 2006 in England regardless.
  • During the Olympics, CBC with air a new series based on 'Men With Brooms', which will be directed by Paul Gross. How exciting is that!! Seriously, it's happy-dance worthy! Thank you CBC for mixing my favourite things together! Hopefully it wont suck, like CBC's last curling pilot (It was a good concept, just slow and boring. Not even a one-liner from Jennifer Jones saved that one).
  • Starting October 4, CBC will air 'Battle of the Blades' which is "a reality competition series that pairs top female figure skaters with retired NHL players in a skating pairs competition. The hook is the women teach the pro hockey players, including former NHL enforcers Tie Domi and Bob Probert, how to dance with grace and emotion on ice." 'Skating with the Stars' was entertaining (well the British version anyways, I was abroad for the American one), but this one could go either way. It'll be worth watching the first episode though. They're going hardcore with the promo though, you can watch a video at CBC's page, join the twitter feed or fan it on Facebook. The cast is actually pretty stellar. I hope it doesn't suck.
I'll leave you with some music-y goodness: the CBC Radio 2's Summer Roadtrip Playlists for Colleen Jones and Kurt Browning (who has great taste in music!).
(I wonder if Paul Gross will let me be an extra? I can't curl very well, but am a big fan so my heart's in the right place. I mean come on, I once watched 'Men With Brooms' just to make a list of famous curlers/musicians on the ice. I could get your coffee Mr. Gross. Will that be a double-double?)