Fun At The Corn Maze

Today was my (annual) trip to Edmonton's Corn Maze! This year, in honour of the Olympic Curling Trials to be held in Edmonton in December, the corn maze was designed to look like a local curler, so I took a trip through Kevin Martin's head today. Very exciting!

Despite the drought we've had this summer, the height of the corn is perfect.

The view from the bridge. That's a lot of corn!

Which way?

Getting lost is the best part!

On site, they also have picnic areas, a hay bale mountain to climb on, pedal carts, and a mini farm petting zoo with a couple sheep, some goats, a calf and a donkey:

It was good fun. Like I said last year, it would be a great place for a date, or to take kids, or just generally have a great time with some friends. It should be open thru October, so I hopefully will go again before then. It was so fun last year at night, so I think I'll try get out again near dusk!
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