Dear CurlTV

Thank you for replying so promptly to the email I sent notifying your tech support team of the 404 error appearing instead of your latest news video. It is nice to know there are actual people working behind the scenes of your great site.
It was nice that you fixed the error so quickly, because I was super curious about what was voted the #1 shot of the year. The result was not overly surprising though - double double anyone? I think it was probably the best shot I've ever seen, and the second best moment of the 2009 Brier, right behind the collaborative last shot of the Howard v. Howard game.
Thank you again for keeping me up to date with the curling news.
Cute Curling Fan From AB
PS. Could we have more live coverage of events this season? That might entice me to become a paying member instead of a 'Free Friday' lurker. If you covered the Provincials I would buy in for sure. Just a suggestion.