#yeg Summer Storm Wrap Up

I no longer doubt the effectiveness and the usefulness of twitter. Not after last night's storm. The #yeg tag (our airport code) went all the way to 6th on the trending list of the most talked about subjects in the world! I've never used social media in this way before, but getting a minute by minute account of what was going on was amazing. The whole thing was scary, but amazing.
Mastermaq has a great blog post here summing up the #yeg Twitter Storm, including other links and some pictures.
If you missed all the chaos of last night's storm, here are a few links to keep you busy: By the way, if there are trees down on your property, it's your job to clean up the damage and debris. Call an arborist if you need, but only call Epcor if power lines are involved. Apparently all the golf courses are closed for clean up.
Fire & Rescue went to over 200 calls last night. Stay safe people!