Taking Digital News For A Test Drive

As I mentioned here, I am quite attached to the Edmonton Journal. It's part of my daily routine and I get grumpy if I don't read it every morning.
That's all about to change though.
I've just started house/cat sitting for two weeks. No journal in the morning. Also, no cable so no CTV news in the evening. What am I going to do??
Thankfully, I figured out how to link my parent's journal subscription to the online version - for FREE! I'm actually against reading the news online, and by that I mean using free news sites instead of contributing to newspaper publishing. The newspaper industry is in trouble, and since I like my routine, I intend to contribute to the cause.
So for two weeks I will be attempting to read the digital version of a newspaper. I'll let you know how it goes.
Also, since the apartment doesn't have cable, but like 5 random channels, I intended to keep the CTV news channel on the tv all the time. Unfortunately I've already discovered it runs on about a 30 minute loop, and no doesn't carry local coverage. So I'll be following CTV news and the weather man Josh Classen on twitter for now. One of the anchors is currently doing a series titled 'Protecting Edmonton's Innocents', about child protection services in the city, but fortunately I can watch that online.
No tv for two weeks though! Fortunately nothing is on for me to miss. And I've got wireless internet. Plus I've been stocking my macbook with tons of stuff to watch. I've got lot's of school work to do anyways. And there's always curling on TSN (I'm already 3 games into last season's Brier...)!
The best part about housesitting though is that the big black fluffy cat is super friendly. I love her already.
"There are two means of refuge from the misery of life -- music and cats." (Albert Schweitzer)


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