Storm of the Summer

Um wow. What a night.
What a crazy, scary night.
So after a long day at school, I treated myself and went to see Harry Potter 6 (which is pretty good by the way). My friends and I left the movie about 10pm and were walking back to their downtown apartment and my car, when the ominous black cloud became, well...scary. The wind picked up crazy (100km/hr) and we got sandblasted with road grit. The wind was seriously intense, and the big black cloud was full of lightning and it was moving pretty fast. We ran to their place just before the heavy rain hit.
For the next hour or so the only thing to do was watch the lightning destroy Edmonton's power grid, and follow all the action on twitter. It was amazing reading all the reports: fires on Baseline Road, the pedway collapse at the CN Tower, semis flipped over on the Yellowhead, roofs torn off, trees fallen on cars, power outages everywhere. It was insane.
And we followed it all on twitter. Our #yeg tag actually got trended, and at the time of writing this it is the 8th most twittered tag in the entire world right now!
The news online is still patchy (wicked good on twitter though!) but here's a video of how it happened at the Capital Ex fairgrounds, some brief news about the CN Tower pedway collapsing, and a picture of what we ran through.
As a child of Black Friday, I have to say, it was a bit scary. I hope everyone is safe, and with power and water soon!! I'd love to follow the #yeg all night, but must get some sleep as I've got class in the morning.
Crazy. Scary. Only in Etown, eh?


  1. Thanks for linking to my video!

  2. Crazy hey, some friends of mine were underneath the overpass where one of the semis flipped.


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