Simpsons Go Curling

Have you heard the news?
Apparently, the Simpsons are going to join Principal Skinner and his mom in a mixed doubles competition, which will highlight my favourite sport just prior the the Vancouver Winter Olympics (even though mixed doubles isn't an olympic event). Lisa will also try to collect Olympic pins.
Here's what Randy Ferby had to say about it:
"I'm sure they're going to somehow make a mockery of it like they do every other thing, but I think you need to take it with a grain of salt," Ferbey said. "It brings attention to our sport and I think it's wonderful. The more curling on TV, whether it's in an animated form or real form, the better."
For the record, I hate the Simpsons. I will watch this episode though. No doubt not only curlers, but Canadians also will be portrayed unfavourably to the vast American audience. Is all publicity really good publicity?