My summer fun is officially over: I go 'back to school' today.
Yes, I know it's July, but I'm a sucker for punishment, and the poster child for 'it sounded like a good idea at the time'.
This weekend, I'll be learning all about library services for Aboriginal populations. The following three weekends in July I'll be learning about planning library facilities (scary, I know nothing about architecture but then again I guess that's why I need to take the class). The facilities class requires a crap-ton of work and I'm predicting a slow and painful death over the course of the month.
Also, for the next six weeks I'll be taking part in my first ever online class: web 2.0 for libraries. We have to create a blog and post twice weekly about particular topics.
So, I'll be cross posting on that topic. Every class related post will begin with 'Web 2.0:..." as the title, so if you're not interested in library stuff, feel free to 'mark as read'.
Since I'll be super busy dying that slow and painful death, regular witty ramblings might be minimal.
Y'all think of me while you're enjoying your summer, eh!