Local TV Programming Gets A Boost

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has just announced it will increase funding for local television! Plus, cable and satellite companies will have to contribute a small part of their revenue (1.5%) to the 'Local Programming Improvement Fund'. The channels will also have to increase their local programming. It does appear though that cable bills will rise about $1 a month. Info is here, and here, and a video summary here.
I've already blogged about the issue: part 1, and part 2. As with any issue, there's two points of view, but I'm still sitting in the 'save local tv' corner. I'm a thrifty-el-cheapo but wouldn't mind paying and extra $1 every month as long as my local news is safe.
So in my opinion, this is good news.


  1. However...the CRTC also decreased the required number of Canadian content hours.

  2. Local news, I once thought to be invulnerable (I worked in the industry) is falling fast to internet information sources.
    However, the bottom line to me is that cable companies are serving the channels to us and getting paid for it. They should acknowledge their responsibility to their customers and suck it up.
    They make huge profits and should pay their due.


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