Legally Blind

Last month I posted about my glasses breaking. First my sunglasses broke, and then the next day the left arm fell off my glasses. I got the sunglasses soldered back together at Sunclip Express, and he also stuck the arm back on with contact cement. A week later the right arm fell off, so I borrowed some crazy glue and stuck it back on, except the frames didn't fit properly. I also started to notice I could no longer read street signs while driving. Fortunately I know Etown pretty well so I don't usually need to rely on signs, but it's annoying nontheless. I made an appointment with my optometrist, but he was on holidays so I had to wait two week. In the meantime, I have to wear deformed glasses. And then yesterday my sunglasses broke again.
I finally went to the optometrist today. Sure enough, my eyesight has gotten worse, by 'one step'. He also said I could get contacts but my vision wouldn't be as good as with my glasses (so why bother) and that laser surgery would work, but I'd have to get it done every two years (so why bother). And, apparently without my glasses, I would be classified as 'legally blind', although so would many other people who wear glasses. I raised the concern that I would be blind by the time I was 40 (that's what another optometrist told me 10 yrs ago, who tells that to a teenager?) but he said that was unlikely, although I'll need bifocals by then (well duh!). I paid my $70, got my prescription and left. See ya in two years Dr. H!
And now the trauma begins: shopping for glasses. I HATE shopping for new glasses. Besides the fact they cost $700, it's rather hard to pick a good pair when you a) don't have an eye for fashion and b) can't tell what you look like when trying on the glasses.
Honestly, I'd rather spend the evening doing homework, but must purchase a pair of new glasses by the end of the evening. I can't stand wearing these deformed ones, and since it takes a week or two to get the new ones, time is of the essence!


  1. Ahhh, the good ol' days of trying to shop for glasses when you can't see what you look like in them unless you're two inches from the mirror. I feel your pain.


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