Google Reader Has Been Invaded!

It has finally happened.
Someone has spammed my Google Reader account!
I was going through my feeds today and came across one from a blog I do not subscribe to. How? That is just wrong! Is nowhere safe?
I feel violated.
Oh, wait...this isn't new. And upon further investigation, it appears that Google Reader's new friend sharing system was the culprit. After much frustration, I finally figured out how to hide friend's shared feed. I don't like Google's new venture in social computing. If I wanted to read what my friends where reading I would add those subscriptions to my feeds. I already get shared links through email and facebook, I honestly don't want anymore. I read what I want to read in Google Reader. Stuff I don't want to read but am forced to should happen only at school.
No offense but I am unfollowing everyone on Google Reader.
Cranky comment finished.