The Etown Food Festival

I actually went to A Taste of Edmonton for the first time ever last night. And it wasn't terrible.

Basically, A Taste of Edmonton is one of Etown's summertime festivals where tons of restaurants set up booths on the square and sell sample portions, plus of course there's music and vendors and alcohol (I assume, not my thing, remember). I've never been that bothered by this annual festival since I'm not a foodie and I'm a thrifty el cheapo. I happened to be working at the court house was going to hang out with a coworker afterwards so we figured we'd stop by for a quick after work dinner.

I'll admit right now the only reason I wanted to go to A Taste of Edmonton was because Sharon at Only Here For The Food mentioned the sweet potato fries and I l-o-v-e sweet potato fries. I paid my $6 for 6 tickets, and got my mini plate of fries for 3. It was yummy. My friend got some good veggie tempura for 4 tix and we both had coconut ice cream with chocolate sauce for 3 tix. That was also yummy.
So my impressions: A Taste of Edmonton was not what I expected. For some reason I thought the food would be different from what you would normally find around. How hard is it to find spring rolls, meat on a stick and perogies around town. Seriously. Is that all the restaurants in this city sell? The food list didn't seem that impressive. While what we ate was really good and quite reasonable for what we paid, the same can't be said for some other dishes. Just looking around at other people's place made me wonder what they were thinking spending 5 tix for greasy meat something or other. And really, how hard is it to make penne at home? Perhaps I'm missing the point of the festival. Perhaps I'm far too cheap and far too practical.

The other thing that annoyed me was the layout of the event. We've got this huge square downtown, yet all the vendors are lined up back-2-back down a side street. There was no room to walk straight down the street between all the people milling about and all the food lines. Why do these booths not line the square?? Seriously, move the music to the edge and put the beer tent and vendors on the side street. The festival is about food, and the food should be showcased front and centre. It just seemed to be a counter productive layout.

They also should fix the environmental policy. Ok, so the plates were paper and I think they were using an environmentally friendly waste company, but the cutlery was still plastic. There must be another way to solve that. Perhaps the folk fest model of $1 plate and cutlery deposit isn't the way to go, but good grief, what a waste of forks.

Would I go again? Maybe, but I wouldn't make a special effort.

Last night I also met my friend's sister's kitten. She has a stubby tail and wags it like a dog - it's so cute! And I held her gecko too. It was sticky. We also went to snoop around my friend's house which is being built. She's been watching the progress closely, and it's been really exciting for her as she's a first time homebuyer. Walking through building guts was kinda fun and 'dangerous', thus thrilling.
All in all it was a good day. Actually, I didn't do any homework so it was a fantastic day!!!