Edmonton's New Neighbouhood Crime Map

The Edmonton Police Service just released a new crime awareness tool: the Neighbourhood Crime Map. It's a very 'interesting' tool.
First, before you even do anything, you have to read the terms and conditions ie. you will not sue the cops due to this info, you will use this info with caution, you will not share this information with anyone.
What, wait: "While it is acceptable to pass the website link on to others in your community, you will not share the information found on the website with others other than with members of the Edmonton Police Service or other law enforcement agencies;"
Curious. What does that mean? Am I breaking the law by blogging this? If I told you a certain crime took place down the street from where I live would that be breaking the law?
Anyways, moving on. You then choose the neighbourhood you want to look at, and can limit the time frame and type of crime. A map will then be created (using Google maps I assume) showing coloured dots that relate to a particular crime at a particular place in your area.
It's very interesting. I can see how this would be a useful house-shopping tool. I can also see how this could create paranoia.
Regardless, it's worth a look, and many return visits...


  1. There's also SpotCrime.com with a different interface.


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