Digital News: My Reflections

My housesitting gig is finished (gosh I'll miss that cat) so it's time to reflect on my digital news test drive.
I read the digital edition of the Edmonton Journal everyday. It was a bit cumbersome because I had to balance my breakfast on my lap and take breaks from eating when I needed to 'turn the page' or zoom in on an article. I found that it would take me just as long to read less, as it involved moving the mouse around, clicking on new pages, and zooming in on articles, but I ended up reading less actual content than I normally would with the print edition. I only would read an article if I really wanted to read it, as it was a bit of a hassle to open the zoomed in content, then close it, then turn the page, all while trying to hold my cereal bowl with one hand, and use the spoon with the other. Plus spilling milk on my laptop is a lot worse than spilling all over newsprint.
Also, one of my favourite parts of the journal is the comics. (A friend has informed me that this makes me more of a geek and hurts my "potential-desirability", but I love the comics and if some stupid boy judges me for that then he's not worth my time.) Anyways, they comics aren't scanned very well so they are very hard and grainy to read, even on 2x zoom.
(By the way, what's going on with the Crankshaft strip? How did he end up in a wheelchair and now he's not? I'm confused.)
Would I read the digital edition on a regular basis? No, it was a bit awkward and time consuming. Would I read the digital edition if I didn't/couldn't have access to a paper copy of the the newspaper for short periods of time? Yes, it was a good stop-gap measure and I wouldn't hesitate to use the service again.
However, I love my print journal, and am glad to have it back. If I (ever) move out on my own (please God one day help me make this happen) I will fork out the $312 for an annual subscription. Support your local newspaper today so they will be around for the future!!
I also went two weeks without tv. Like I said, it's summer and there was nothing on to watch so it wasn't a hardship. I went to a Top Model finale party at a friends', and went home once to watch the CBC curling pilot 'Throwing Stones' (Hmm, it was not super fantastic, I can see why it hasn't been picked up. It relied too much on goofy Canadian stereotypes and was thus a bit unrealistic. Plus it didn't have any good looking male curlers...). Other than that, I watched TSN's curling video archive (made it all the way through the Brier and halfway through men's worlds...) and Mythbusters on my laptop. I kept the curling playing most of the time I was home because I like the audio company, but didn't miss tv at all. However, now that I'm home I've rediscovered my local newscast, daily M*A*S*H episodes on the History channel and trash on Tyra.
Same as I couldn't live without my daily newspaper habit, I couldn't live without tv. I would miss my shows. And it's an Olympic year!!