Curling At The Corn Maze

I am a big fan of the Edmonton Corn Maze. Last year we got caught in a storm and it was awesome.
This year is going to be extra fantastic because this is what the corn maze will look like:
Who can resist a trip through Kevin Martin's head?! It was meant to be, the corn maze and me, ha ha. I think I'll have to go multiple times this year.
There's 137 days until the ROTR, by the way. I get to pick up my volunteer jacket Sept. 2. I'm very excited.
You can follow the corn maze's growth on twitter. It should open in August.
So who wants to join me?


  1. That's pretty awesome. I think the time I went it was an Oilers theme...can't remember for sure. I'd be happy to go with you if you go!


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