Comic-Con Conundrum

Nerd World has posted a 'best-of' comic-con list. This one idea caught my attention:
"Most painful irony: By winning, nerd culture has lost. When I was a kid the fact that comics and games and fantasy and whatever were awesome was a secret, and people gave me a hard time about it. Now suddenly everyone's all, hey, no, this stuff is great, Iron Man,woo! Which means instead of being our little secret, now it's all about big corporations selling nerd culture to as many Joe Douchebags as it can pack into the multiplex. And where am I in that transaction? I don't want to be anywhere near it."
The Unshelved guys posted something similar:"On the other hand Comic Con is changing, and is a little less about comics every year. It's hard to compete for people's attention with movie and TV stars. And speaking of movies and TV, to see Joss Whedon speak I would have needed to take the entire day off to wait in line, something I couldn't really afford to do since we need to sell stuff nonstop just to break even at this very expensive show."
This is quite significant because mostly everyone raves about how cool comic-con is. I'm not sure I think the acceptance and wide spread popularity of geek-culture is necessarily a bad thing, but I would hate for it to be 'over played' like a bad pop song. 'Nerd' being cool isn't bad thing, but 'nerd' being common kind of defeats the purpose of a subculture.
Would I ever go to comic-con? It would be cool. The Mythbusters are often there, as are Firefly alumni. Plus I'm currently a big fan of The Guild and Dr. Horrible and so on, so I guess it would be cool to see their panels. Plus there's tons of free stuff at the convention.
But in actuality, I would probably never get to see a panel I wanted to or grab any free stuff I actually wanted because the line ups are killer and everything time block is over scheduled and the ballrooms are small, etc. No, in actuality, I would probably have a panic attack.
This year I enjoyed following @britl (she also went to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World) because she tweeted a lot of pictures.
And I especially enjoyed following the twitter trend #adamincognito. Adam Savage from Mythbusters dressed up and challenged people on twitter to find him. It went on for like a day and a half and was generally awesomely exciting to follow. If you want to know what he dressed up as, you'll have to follow along the condensed version...


  1. See, THIS is why I don't watch Firefly.

  2. But Firefly is the best show ever! You don't know what you're's shiny!


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