Castle Novel Being Published By ABC

I'm supposed to be cutting down my TV viewing, but I did pick up a new show this year: Castle. It's a crime drama and I like crime dramas. The main character is an author and I like to write. It's witty and quite funny and not bad for a new show. But let's face it, this is the reason I'm watching Castle:
I heart Nathan Fillion.
Anyways, to promote the second season, ABC is publishing a book written by 'Castle':
"Starting Aug. 10, the first chapter of a novel titled "Heat Wave," credited to Richard Castle, will debut on as a round of on-air repeats lead up to the Season 2 premiere in late September.The network will post the first half of the book, a chapter a week, for 10 weeks. The full novel will be published Sept. 29 by Disney sister company Hyperion. The story apparently is a stand-alone mystery with cross-over elements to the on-screen story."
Fun! Where do I sign up?