Anne of Green Gables Gone Bad?

Oh my, a 'dark' version of Anne of Green Gables is coming out! It's titled 'The Blythes Are Quoted and is a collection of poems and short stories written by L.M. Montgomery, set around the time of the first world war.
"The book looks set to reveal a darker side to the author, with its publisher promising themes of "adultery, illegitimacy, misogyny, revenge, murder, despair, bitterness, hatred, and death – usually not the first terms associated with LM Montgomery". Wow. At least it's written by Montgomery, and not someone else like the recent 'Before Green Gables' (which is on my rapidly expanding 2read pile). And at least it's faithful to the Anne timeline, not like that awful movie Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. The only good thing about that one was Jonathan Crombie and Megan Follows. People need to stop making fake stories about much loved classics.