Unknown Bird Update

I found my bird!
I used WhatBird to identify it. It's a Cedar Waxwing:
WhatBird was actually a really cool finding tool. Since I had a picture but no name, I went through a list of attributes, checking boxes for characteristics that fit my bird. I used location, primary and secondary colour, size and bill size.
After choosing each different characteristic, the search matches would be narrowed down. I started with over 1000 birds in Alberta, but then narrowed it down to 16, and my bird was the second one.
Each name yields an info page with a drawing, photographs, an audio example of the bird's call, facts/info and a map of it's range.
And tons of advertizing. They are really pushing their iPhone app. The whole site, while awesome for identification purposes, is full of TONS of advertising. Otherwise it's would be a 5 star site!!