To Twitter, Or Not To Twitter?

There's only 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week. I'm a grad student. I'm taking a bunch of summer classes. I have, at any given time, 2-4 part time jobs. I watch lot's of tv. I read books. I dabble with Guitar Hero. And contrary to popular belief, I do have a social life. The internet is my most time consuming hobby though. I already have a love-hate relationship with facebook. I apparently find the time to keep up with over 100 blogs. I post almost daily on my own blog. I find time to manage an email inbox that tends to get clogged with SLIS stuff if I neglect it too long.
My #1 mistake this summer was to take a job as a research assistant with one of my profs. It's not a bad job per say, but it's a work-from-home-make-your-own-hours kind of job. Which easily translated into all-I-do-is-surf-the-internet-all-day-which-means-I-get-no-work-done-and-thus-don't-get-paid. Seriously, all I do all day everyday is potter on the internet. I thought it might be depression or apathy or burnout, but a friend informed me yesterday that it's just 'summer' so I'm not worried about my sanity anymore.
Except that I've decided to join Twitter.
Previously I had this to say about Twitter:
And just today this conversation took place:
me: "I think I'm going to join Twitter."
friend: "What! Yesterday you said Twitter was the devil!"
me: "Not yesterday, that was last week."
I've been against it for a long time. Why would I want to follow the self-absorbed tweets of people? Why would people want to follow my own self-absorbed tweets? That was my attitude from the beginning anyways, but it's changed now. Why?
First of all, facebook has changed. I find I only ever bother looking at people's status updates (and photos). I use it to sort out events and private message people. I'm not involved with groups anymore, I don't 'fan' pages. Well, Twitter is all about those status updates, right?
Second, Nathan Fillion is on Twitter (shh, don't tell but I secretly love him). Not only is Captain Mal on it, but as Twitter has gained popularity amoung the masses, other celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon. Now, I'm not a fan girl. I don't follow TMZ or other celebrity news in any way, shape, or form. I'll admit though, the though of reading certain "celebrity's" status updates is kinda cool. That's something facebook doesn't provide (yeah right, like Nathan Fillion would ever friend me!). And I bet some of the curlers are on it.
Third, I'm a news junkie and Twitter has become a pretty good source of news. Take Iran, or the death of MJ this week. Mastermaq has a list of local media on Twitter, and no doubt provincially, nationally and internationally there's tons more.
Fourth, it's a library web 2.0 thing that has grown in popularity. I'm taking a class on library web 2.0 next month, and can already see how, if it's done well, that it can really work. Recently the Swiss Army Librarian joined Twitter, and I've been following his progress from the perspective of the whole late-adopter thing.
Fifth, I don't mind jumping on certain bandwagons, and I just think it might be time to take up a new web-hobby/time waster. And once I get an idea in my head, or set my mind to something, well then it's "go big or go home".
Generally, I try to not be a sheep. I like to get in on trends early or not at all. If I miss the start of something, I generally don't get involved. I've never watched Lost because I missed the hyped up beginning since I was living in England. I missed Battle Star too. I don't own a coach handbag. I like obscure music.
But a bandwagon jumper I am.