Story Slams Are Cool

Last night I went to a Story Slam at the Blue Chair Cafe. It was super fun! The food was super good, the company super fun to hang out with and the stories were...ok maybe not super but most were pretty good.
So what's a Story Slam? Well, ten people had five minutes to tell everyone in the cafe a story. After each person spoke, judges (who were just random Joes in the cafe) scored the story out of ten, though there was a time penalty for going over five minutes. They passed a hat at half time, and the storytellers had to pay $5 to speak, but the winner got the money (apparently like $300).
Most of the stories were really good. There was a lot of laughing, a wee bit of crying, and plenty of smiles. My top three included a funny rant about passive-aggressive notes found in shared college accommodation, an wonderfully descriptive portrait about living in Cambodia, and a random something-or-other about a fish called Carp Diem.
When we left, Cambodia was in the lead (too bad Carp Diem went over the five minutes). We never did stick around until the end - the craving for yummy Marble Slab ice cream took over!
The cafe holds Story Slams once a month, and I'll definitely be going again!