Saturday Around Etown

I spent the day taking in the sights and sounds of Edmonton. Gosh I love my city.
First, I rode my bike from home all the way downtown to the City Centre Market.
I purposefully took a small bag so I wouldn't spend money on anything I didn't need. And then I came to the Montreal Bagel Man and bought half a dozen whole wheat bagels (not quite Montreal, but close enough). And then I came to the Belua Designs stall. I heard about the 'lady who makes sock monsters' from another Edmonton blog, and then saw a tv spot on a local station, so I was excited to see what monsters she had for sale. I wasn't going to buy one, and if I was I figured I'd probably have to stop by a few times before I saw a monster I liked. But I found one. In my colour. Maybe he called out my name? Say hi to Rooney. I haven't decided if I'm going to rename him or not. Suggestions are welcome.
Then, I went to a friend's apartment to hang out with her cat because they're out of town and I'm cat sitting. Tabitha is one of the prettiest kittys I've ever met. She's a bit of a grumpy-pus (not quite as bad as my childhood cat Muffy though). I've made it my mission to become friends with her, regardless of how many times she swipes at my ankles. Isn't she pretty?!
On my way home I stopped by the Bikeology Festival Day. There were bikes a plenty, some music and numerous booths with bike info available. Plus they were giving away bike-powered smoothies, doing tune-ups and demonstrating how to attach a bike to an ETS bus.
After a short rest, I headed out to the roller derby for a friend's birthday. Yes, I said roller derby. It was the Oil City Derby Girls (red, from Edmonton) vs. Eves of Destruction (purple, from Victoria I think). It was wicked good fun. Seriously, picture a pack of chicks in bootie shorts skating around a track, and then picture them all bashing into each other. Now add points, and cheesy wrester names and give the crowd some beer. Good times! The end was so exciting: Edmonton was behind, and then on the last 'jam', and the other jammer got a penalty and it was all up to the Edmonton girl (named Bratty Girl, really I can't even make this stuff up) and she totally rocked and Edmonton won 103-102!! It was soooo much fun!!
So much fun, I'd definitely go again.
And we saw a celebrity there too! My friend went to get a hot dog and then ran back and said "Look over there, it's Linsay from Canada's Next Top Model!" and it totally was!! So we were staring at her, and she looked over and gave us a big smile!! So awesome! Of course we had to take a picture to prove she was there, but she was standing pretty far away. She was with some guy who 'rapped' during the intermission. No offense to him but watching Hooche Mama knock over Beaver Canoe was better.
It was a good day.