New Design - Yay or Nay?

I haven't posted anything much this week because I've become obsessed with redesigning my blogger template. Ok. This is it. I think. I'm taking suggestions for the title definitions, and colour choice (there's something about that shade of blue, but maybe it's just me?), and opinions about whether people would prefer white edges or blue edges, and if y'all can see the links (or is the colour too light). It's common knowledge my eyesight is crap and I have twisted taste in...well everything, so comments are certainly welcome. I'm got one more blog to redesign, then I'll commence posting witty random stuff about nothing again.


  1. Looks fun! Way better job than what I did!

  2. Yep, looks good to me.

    I was kinda hoping you'd manage to fit some pink in here somewhere, but I guess there's only so much we can expect, right?

  3. Uh, pink, no way!

    I might try to unpixelate the picture though...


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