My Lake Through My Lens

I've already mentioned my favourite local place to walk is around Lake Beaumaris. I took my camera the other day to capture some of the ducks and their new ducklings...
That's one busy momma duck!
I even caught a picture of the resident grouchy Canada Goose, who wasn't trying very hard to make friends with the Red-winged Blackbird:
Besides the birds, if you look in the right places, you might see one of the muskrats who have made a permanent home at the lake:
Or some jack rabbits, although they are mostly found in the neighbourhood surrounding the lake, as the lake is too busy with walkers/cyclists/rollerbladders/children/dogs for their liking...
(Ok, so that one wasn't my picture, those rabbits are fast and I just missed 'em!)
And check out the clouds...

Well that's my lake - I love it!


  1. It looks nice! I love how there are still "nature" spots throughout Edmonton.


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