My 0.5 Seconds of Fame

The interweb is a funny, funny place to live.
My humble little blog has found it's way onto a few interesting webpages. Last fall, Facebook and the Edmonton Public Library picked up my rant about Yukon Jack's rant against libraries. And the BBC Booklist and Postsecret Sundays posts made their way onto the first page of a well crafted Google search (as of today I'm second...).
Now, I don't mean to be arrogant about all this, but I'm just a regular-plain-Jane blogger who usually writes about random stuff to keep my half a dozen regular readers entertained. I don't ever seek out 'blogging fame', so when it happens I get giddy. Everyone wants to be a rock star, right?
Today's 0.5 seconds of fame takes the cake though. Yesterday's post about curling made it onto one of my favourite curling blogs. In the span of like 12 hours. 
That's awesome.
My readers rock.
I love the interweb.


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