I Keep Finding Birds On My Lawn

Last summer some magpie bullies downed a blue jay in our backyard. It was beautiful:
I knew something was wrong because I walked right up to it, went and got my camera, walked right back up to it and took a couple pictures. I really wasn't sure what to do with it. I know for a fact (because something similar happened to a pigeon at the university and campus security said so) that the SPCA wouldn't do anything, so I called a friend who gave me some advice. She told me to put on some gloves, then try to pick the bird up. She said that if it was just in shock, this would probably wake it out of it and then it would fly off. Or not, and then she said I should pick it up and see if there was any blood or anything. I tried to pick it up and it hopped under a bush, so I left it, hoping it would fly off later in the evening. Unfortunately it didn't make it through the night.
Today I found this bird sitting in our front yard:
My mom said it flew into the window. Once again, I walked up to it, went and got my camera, and took a few pictures. Shortly after, a crow bully flew by and scared our little birdie, who flew away. Yay! A happy ending this time. 
Does anyone know what kind of bird this was? I've trolled a few websites, with no luck yet.