Cars Have Names?

I learned something new yesterday, as I was playing 'cars' with my friend's son.
I'm a girl (although that has been debated recently) and I have a sister, so we were into Barbies and not boys toys. I don't really understand how boys play, so it's always interesting to play 'cars' or 'dinosaurs' or 'transformers' when I visit friends.
Did you know Hot Wheels cars have names?? Seriously, they all have names, just check underneath. The names are like 'Synergy' or 'Boombox' or 'Fast Lane' or 'Road Rash' or '67 Chevy'. And 'Thailand' or 'China' are really popular names. But other than those two, I checked like 100 cars and they all had different names. No kidding.
You learn something new everyday.


  1. Yes they do, but for guys its not about the names. It's all about crashing them or whatever cool things they do like lifting the hood, or changing color depending on temperature, etc.

  2. I recall we always used to name our parents cars (sort of like pets) although we weren't terrible imaginative--and not quite the same as naming Hot Wheels. I also recall a time when my brother's G-bots (we didn't have many Transformers) took over my Barbie camper and used the oven as a torture device...


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