The Bachelorette Goes...Curling?!

See, curling is cool!
Though I heard about this from a recent article in the Vancouver Sun, I also received this email today from the Canadian Curling Association:
Ok, so first of all how did the Canadian Curling Association get my email? Not that I mind, but I never signed up for anything, so the only way they could've gotten my email address was through my volunteer position for the Roar of The Rings. Weird, but a good bit of spam mail nonetheless!
For the record, I think fake love shows like The Bachelorette are stupid and a waste of tv air time, but I broke down and watched the curling part of this episode. It was funny, only a little cheesy, but mostly good natured publicity for my favourite sport.
I think curling would be a fantastic date idea, so if any curlers are free to give me a lesson sometime I'm game. Maybe third time's a charm with the curling boys?