Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I capped off my weekend of no class fun by sitting in the blazing sun, admiring the blue sky, and watching the Edmonton Capitals baseball game. It was a really good time, a nice mix of friendly conversation and baseball.

The Edmonton Capitals are a 'new' team for Edmonton (formerly called the Cracker Cats, also known previously as the Trappers), and are owned by the same guy who now owns the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. That being said, there is definitely an enthusiastic marketing strategy going on, which is great to see. They have fireworks the first Friday of the month, movies on a Saturday, meet-the-team opportunities on Sunday, cheap kids meals on Tuesday and cheap hot dogs on Wednesday, with a whole mix of one-off events thrown in. Tickets are slightly cheaper than a seat at a movie theatre, and who doesn't love a reasonably priced hot dog combo? I hope it goes well: I hope the people of Edmonton embrace their 'new' team and begin to regularly fill the stands.

I know I'll be back soon...